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I recently discovered basenotes and have found it inspiring - especially the Random Fragrance button on Basenotes and Buysblind's blind sampling thread. Since I'm hardly sophisticated enough to do meaningful blind sampling (and because I have to put my own spin on everything I do), I've opted to randomly choose my scent-of-the-day for the next six months.

Since I have a combination of fragrances and scented products (lotions, body butters, balms, etc), I'm choosing to use a random number generator and my Google Docs record of fragrances I own (including samples). Each evening, I'll use the number generator to choose the next day's fragrance. If it's the first time I've worn the scent, I'll wear it with neutral body products. Subsequent wearings will involve experiments with layering, also chosen randomly.

Occasionally, I will opt out of this experiment. Opt-outs will be limited to events where a poorly-chosen scent could have serious consequences (job interviews) or be considered rude (weddings). I occasionally work in schools that are scent-free; this will also occasionally impact the project. Otherwise, everything in the scent closet is fair game.

This should be interesting!