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We've all heard this phrase before it summons up the idea that the fragrance you wear is going to cause you to become the centre of attention of almost every female you come into contact with. You will become irresistible to females and the object of their affection. Some frags which are associated with this phrase are: Musc Ravageur, Pure Malt, L'Instant de Guerlain extreme and YSL la nuit de l'homme just to name a few. This in my opinion is a huge misconception. The fragrance you wear may be adored by many women and be an appealing scent, however fragrances are NOT a magic potion that turns you into some kind of male model LOL . The fragrance does not make you, the clothes you wear, the way you present and carry yourself and your confidence in your self are all KEY when it comes to the opposite sex. The fragrance is just an accessory and always will be. If you dress poorly, have no confidence in yourself or act like an idiot you can go to any bar, club or wherever wearing the biggest "panty dropper" of all time and NOTHING is going to happen. To end look at it this way, if you saw an unattractive girl at the bar with a bad attitude and she smelled amazing would you take her home just because of the scent?