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This is what I thought L'Artisan's Havana Vanille would smell like. This is a smoother, more harmonious, cohesive, and pricier version of the same concept. Like Havana Vanille, it too, does not smell like the most natural vanilla, though Un Bois Vanille is warmer and silkier, with the supporting notes lending the slightest amount of depth and complexity in a very complimentary way. That said, Un Bois Vanille still reminds me of a woman with a fresh blow out and highlights, wearing a Tiffany's charm bracelet and Ugg boots while driving a BMW S.U.V. It's luxury that is lacking in sophistication.
. . .
I tried wearing Un Bois Vanille to bed last night thinking (against my better judgement) that it would soothe me to sleep. I ended up getting up 15 minutes later, and layering the Lutens with the lovely Ambre EdT by L'Occitane, just to to get that woman I mentioned earlier to stop texting and driving at the same time. Once the cedar and liquid labdanum from Ambre fused with the vanilla and spicy woods in the Lutens, I knew this would be a genuinely soothing harmony of elements, and I drifted right off.