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Thank you so much for the sample, Charna Ethier.

Moss Gown is unquestionably "of the Earth." The ingredients are extremely high quality, and the fragrance is so transportive, that I think it should only be used in sacred ceremonies, which is not to say that it's not wearable. It is definitely accessible and delightful to wear.

It's the sweetness of dried grass and sunflower heads that drifts through an open barn door, where you stand in the shade next to leather saddles and a spigot that has been dripping water onto the same stone slab for decades.

It's contained in the swirl of steam rising from the porcelain cup of yellow chrysanthemum tea, with a single clear rock of crystallized sugar slowly dissolving at the bottom. It's late afternoon in Beijing and you lazily watch the people on the street through the window of the restaurant while waiting for your tea to cool.

It is the honeyed balsamic scent of a meadow in the evening after the Sun has been beating down on it all day. It's the sweetness found in a handful of dried petals.

It's on a farm in a place where you only get to visit, but when you are there it's absolutely tranquil no matter where you look.

This fragrance is so deeply relaxing that it comes all the way around the spectrum and makes me feel excited.
I think it's love.