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Thank you Sarah Horowitz Parfums, for the lovely samples.

Perfect Vanilla opens with a strong amber-saturated vanilla, a powerful orange/yellow flower scented from orange sherbet, and a centrally heated, confined interior space with the faintest, almost undetectable trace of lemon disinfectant (buried under the dense vanilla cloud and sherbet layers).

This vanilla is warm and complex, but it is not subtle. It doesnt scream in the way designer vanilla frosting candy cake fragrances do, but in it's own very unique way, this vanilla spends most of its time shoving me instead of embracing me. It is not cloying, but it's also not quite comforting, though after a while it does take on a somewhat appealing spiciness.

Perfect Vanilla is a tough one to figure out. The creamsicle aspect of it is my favorite part, but the multifaceted composition of this fragrance is sort of like a middle school bully.

She's tall enough to be a model though she has the shoulders of a quarterback, and she applies makeup while sitting at her desk during class as if she were in the bathroom at a nightclub. You always do what she says you should, but immediately after, you look at your actions in disbelief, promising yourself that next time you'll just ignore her.

You forgive her because you know she's confused and human, trying perhaps too hastily to form a unique persona.

One day not so far into the future, you find out that she has not only grown up into a warm and kindhearted mother, but that she has also lost her vision, so you go to visit her at the seeing-eye dog training facility, and give her a big, warm, strong, and slightly awkward vanilla hug.