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I live in Atlanta, GA, I've barely smelled these on other dudes. I've definitely detected 1 Million in a club setting (unmistakeable), but not at all in just regular environment. I asked a Macy's SA at the Mall of GA, since dude was wearing a bad ass Paco Rabane t shirt, about what sells, he's like ADG, ......L'Homme, etc. the stuff they got on the counters, Bleu. 1 Million and Le Male? Not at all. In a way it was surprising, but not really.

Anybody else agree with me, about these being "under the radar?" Now I know in Europe, or England especially, 1 Million is way overused, but hell I haven't encountered these. It's all aquatics here (maybe the climate?). Then there's a lot of people that don't even wear cologne, or just use deodorant.