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This is especially for my pal Hedonist 222 (I hope that's OK) who has been waiting patiently for almost two years for me to post something of my massive collection and for a few others who have at one time also inquired and were curious. The problems I have had photographing my collection are basically security and insurance issues, not because of my fragrance collection but because of other much more valuable family possessions stored within the same confines as my fragrances in my basement vault. I cannot and will not take pictures in the vault. Therefore I have begun to remove sections of the collection from the vault to another area with the help of others where I can safely take photos without having to worry.

For now what you see here below is a tiny sample: the entire Montale line as I believe is available in the West - 88 100ml bottles including the two most recent and two discontinued ones, and five bottles exclusive to the Middle Eastern market for a total of 93. The L'Artisans in the other photo number 57 - 100ml bottles but this line is obviously not complete. These are the two lines of which I have the most in number, but there are many other smaller lines, designer and niche, that are also complete. These two lines here comprise 9% of my total collection of 1,610 as it stands today. I am also not the best with a camera and almost never post images so please excuse any lapses with the quality of the photos. Taking photos while I enjoy it, is not my forte. In the future I will try to get as much of my collection posted in the other photo thread in this forum, but in my time, so that those who might be interested can view them. I am very proud of the collection I have built up over many years and hope you enjoy the two photos. I thank all of you who have been patiently waiting and wondering for so long. Finally, to the cynical and dubious individual who in another thread a week ago entitled "Hobby or Addiction" posted through veiled language that I was basically a liar about my collection, I have no kind words to offer.

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