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Hi, so i have just received my first bottle of Creed Aventus which i purchased from eBay.


Paid £180


Not sure if it is legit so need help from you Creed Masters!!


LOT Number i have is A42B11Z01 (Suppose to be a super batch from what Ive read here)


I have had a few samples from Creed so know what aventus should smell like


Now i am quite confused as the bottle to me looks fake but whats inside smells like the real deal when Ive sprayed a few times and tested last night.(i can still smell it on my t shirt after 10 hours)


The juice inside had a high note of pineapple when sprayed but now smells a bit smokey with still pineapple there. still not fully tested it yet tho.


The first concern i have is there is no lot number on the bottle at all!! cant find it anywhere!! Ive peeled off the black sticker to check behind but nothing, Nothing on the rim at the bottom. Nowhere!!! The lot number on box clearly says A42B11Z01


secondly the script Ive received with it is in Arabic. Ive read this might be because of a "Grey Market Product" (Not sure tho)


Now the main fake parts i think is the sprayer cap does not have creed etched on it as i have seen with other bottles, the cap for the bottle is different to ones i have seen before.


But the pump is good and firm and does spray out evenly and not like fakes which Ive seen on you tube.


I don't want to send it back then realise i had a good batch and a legit bottle so need your advice.


Please could you look at the pics and help me identify this to be fake or genuine


I would really appreciate it.