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Sometimes at night I like to wear a warm scent (possibly a little gourmandish).
Can you guys suggest me more warm scents on the lines of what I like?
I'll try to sample as many as I can find :)

These are the ones I love. Suggest me something in this line:
-The One (Love this! But doesn't last more than 30min.)
-John Varvatos the original (Love it too! The plum and fig here are amazing! But has the same problem of The One: doesn't last.)
-La Nuit de L'Homme (Great one! I'm still testing it, but I'm afraid it won't project much. Idk, still needs more testing.)
-Eau des Baux (Delicious! But I'm afraid people will find it too feminine, and I really don't want that. Needs more testing too)
-Boss Bottled (Another masterpiece! Maybe not warm enough, but still a great one!)

The ones I'm not sure if I like too much:
-A*Men and A*Men Pure Malt (still testing those...)

And here are some that I dislike:
-Pure Havane (Blergh! Really strange stuff...besides, when I insisted on it, my girlfriend told me I smelled like a little girl haha)
-Terre D'Hermes (I can recognize the quality in it, but it's too old school for my tastes)