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This fragrance embodies the vision I've had for the perfect green musk with woods. Vince Camuto is an obvious copy of this and in my opinion, is inferior. Twilight woods is linear in the sense that you get the green musk wood from start to finish and thats great for me because I love this accord. The vetiver is not pungent, but rather clean and smooth. I'm suspecting the musk rounds it out. Although orris isn't an official note listed, it want to say that its in there and works with the vetiver, musk, and spice to give it that green vibe. A truly stunning fragrance that can be worn dressed up or down, for any occasion or season. The longevity and projection is also better than Vince Camuto. I still smell it on my shirt the next day. I recommend 2-3 sprays if you want to be light, yet noticeable and around 5-6 for some serious mileage. Please never discontinue this as I will always have it! The shower gel is also stunning and true to the scent, and also lathers very nicely. For the cost, I enjoy this as much as my expensive niche and it lasts longer than some of them as well. Bravo!