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So... my 63 year old dad, who has never worn cologne/fragrance in his life, suddenly really wants some? this is part of a larger life transformation he's in... he lost 100+ lbs, now goes to the gym everyday (and is the #1 man in gym hours logged, in 60's age group, woot!), and bought himself a porsche.
he wants something low-key and "clean" smelling, that is not overpowering, and is also high-end and unique. he's an oral surgeon, so he's hunched over patients all day in close proximity, and doesn't want to annoy or overwhelm them with cologne. he's VERY professional, always in a dress shirt/tie/slacks, and has been that way my whole life. he likes beaches/the outdoors (but in a "old guy sitting on a bench, appreciating life" sortof way, not a "lumberjack covered in cedar and tar" type of way).
I'll spend anything really to make dad happy, so price is no big deal.
Any ideas/directions/options here would be MUCH appreciated.
Thank you!!