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I recently was able to get a hold of a mostly finished tiny bottle of Miss Balmain. This looks like it is less than 5ml's and I think it may be the parfum. The juice is dark and thick, although it may have gone "off". I have not applied it to skin, but have sniffed it ( inside the bottle). It smells good and the mini even smells great outside the bottle

I don't think I will ever splurge for anewfull parfum ( if that is what this is?). Prices are steep and I will likely just try to get a hold of a sample. It looks like Miss Balmain is available only in an EDT ( which is fine) at this timeand there seems to be a packaging change ( which is too bad, because I like the old style way better and the latest one looks not so nice to me).

My point of this thread is to see what everyone's opinion and experience with Miss Balmain. How would you rate this ?