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I received this bottle of parfum in the last week, and am very delighted with it.

Although the ribbon is rather tatty, having been 'marinated' with a little parfum during the flight to Australia and there is a bite out of the glass top, I was very pleased to get this. It is a whopping 60ml and is in lovely condition. This is now over 50 years old and is still a little masterpiece of perfumery.

I read glowing reports about this wonderful classic, but before buying this one, I only had a taste from an ancient mini EDT I think. This was much brighter and much more 'in your face' green.

Along with Ma Griffe, I think this is one of the most stylish and sophisticated green perfumes ever made. If you love chypres, with a soft hint of leather (this is no Bandit), melded with florals and wood, this is one for you.

The parfum is very complex, with a bright opening, a distinct floral heart and a gorgeous French earthy dry down. I think the leather is not so prominent in the parfum, and I can only take leather in small doses, so that suits me. Others find tobacco, dense leather, an overall darkness that I frankly don't. I love the way the floral and base notes are worked together over time. The Moment Supreme pure parfum I'm currently wearing is much darker than Cabochard.