seasons and scents

    seasons and scents

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    hi everyone,


    once again i've read many interesting comments mentioning the relation between seasons/weather and which scents some of you will and will not wear during them.

    why?  should i wear certain scents only in winter? summer,etc?  some examples please.  thanks in advance.

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    Personally don't wear scents according to season
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    Originally Posted by hednic View Post

    Personally don't wear scents according to season

    Same here, wear what you like, when you like. There are some scents I'd prefer for certain occasions though but if I feel like a heavy scent in the summer I'll just apply accordingly
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    Why not just wear something when youre in the mood for it?

    I've worn birch tar and styrax based scents in the midst of summer. Because I felt like it.
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    I wear what I want when I want too.


    Then again, I live in a broadly temperate climate and maybe my opinion would differ if I was trying to wear a scent that either sweated off or was way too loud if I lived somewhere tropical.

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    Let me quote freely Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez- there's no sense in matching your fragrance with the weather, unless that gives you an excuse to expand your collection! grin.gif


    That said, I do tend to have certain seasonal preferences.


    Where I live there's a definite difference between the weather in the cold and hot season.

    Moreover, summers here are generally muggy and humid- no sea, no mountains, no wind...sad.gif- and the body discomfort that comes along affects the way of wearing fragrance. The higher temperature also quicken the evaporation process, so the basenotes of richer fragrances can overwhelm the rest..

    As for food, I tend to feel like more fresh, zesty, transparent, airy in hot weather and warm, plushy, enveloping, spicy, rich in cold weather.

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    I wear what I want whenever/wherever...
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    I have two favorite fragrances at the moment,

    and the weather does influence which one feels right —


    Bornéo 1834 when it's cooler.


    Jardin du Poète for warmer temps.

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    I live in an area that can get chilly in the winter, but also stupidly, satanically hot in the summer. While I'm not going to load up Back to Black on a 110' day, I really don't bother with such distinctions either. With that said, Slumberhouse's Grev has a nice cooling quality for the summer, and MFK's Absolue pour le Soir is very cosy in colder weather!

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    In the past, during the very beginnings of my fragrance hobby, I used to be quite strict about the seasonal divides/recommendations/limitations etc. of wearing fragrance. Not anymore or, at least, nowhere near as strict as before. I might quite often wear a fragrance generally perceived as summery in winter and/or vice-versa. 

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    Go with your nose. I've always believed that your nose will tell you what you need and when. If that happens to be something ozonic and tropical during a Winter snowstorm- so be it.
    Its completely natural that during some seasons you will be drawn to more season-orientated scents, usually because they bring a certain feeling to offset/compliment the climate.
    But some may find that a spicy, woodsy oriental feels too oppressive in Summer, but some may also find that a fresh bouquet with fruity notes alleviate the heaviness and monotony of Winter. Its all up to you and what you feel comfortable in, for whatever reason.

    There are no rules when it comes to this sort of thing. If there are, they're terribly outdated.
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    Pure Havane - cool

    ADG - hot

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    Same here --->>>

    Originally Posted by Ken_Russell View PostIn the past, during the very beginnings of my fragrance hobby, I used to be quite strict about the seasonal divides/recommendations/limitations etc. of wearing fragrance. Not anymore...

    That said, you should be trigger wise - can't spray 10 from Black Aoud / Musc Ravageur or other such powerhouses & walk out on a hot summer...

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    Going heavy on Amber Absolute on your way to the beach?  It will feel like you put on a fragrance sweater.    So, while it is cliche to say "I wear what I want when I want" here on Basenotes, I personally know that is not the full truth - unless "what I want" seems to follow a pattern based on temperature... (just need to read the SotD thread each day).


    Citrus based fragrances are certainly favored on warm days - they have a cooling fresh feeling to them.  A*Men, Chocolate Greedy, Amber Absolute, Black Afgano, etc. are not commonly worn on really hot days  - they would radiate and kill small animals and children.


    So, it is true you can wear what you like, you may want to go very light on the application of heavy orientals, etc when you will be working up a sweat...

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    I don't wear scents seasonally either. Sometimes a strong cologne in full bloom in Texas in August can be a beautiful thing. The season may affect how much you wear.

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    Experiment for yourself and see how you get on. I tend to find that e.g. rainy days put me in the mood for a certain type of fragrance, regardless of the season. But there are good reasons why people use colognes during the summer (they're lighter, and citrus scents have refreshing properties) and save smoky, leathery or denser scents for the winter. Oh, and beware of wearing anything containing civet in hot weather, as that note will project with *surprising* force! (You'll be wondering whether you stepped in something.)

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    Originally Posted by Gary F View Post

    The season may affect how much you wear.
    Agree - the quantity of a given fragrance.
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