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Well, first time I noticed Tom Ford locally in Memphis. Men's store carries Tom Ford Extreme, Tom Ford for Men, Tomo Ford Noir, and Grey Vetiver on the men's side. Women's side has White Patchouli, Blond, Black Orchid,

Usually if I am in another city, I am smelling the big time Fords. So I got to test a few of the men's with the Acqua di Parma Colonia (which is why I went in, that and the cookout they had for Father's Day).

The Colonia I have had and what surprised me is that head up against Extreme, Vetiver and the Noir, the Colonia projected more.

I had worn Vetiver before and this time, it may be #1 or #2

So, I will go read up on the reviews but if anyone has comments on the Fords listed, such as projection or longevity or how others perceive on you, please tell.

And since I am thinking I want a Vetiver in my collection, can someone compare Grey Vetiver to Dior Vetiver (which is what I am maybe wanting based on some reviews)