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Last night I received a package from Fragrancenet, anyway one of the things I got was Le Male. Big 4 oz bottle came in with the can wrapped up, all good so far. When I opened the can, the frag was in there, and usually first thing I do is look at the code and see if it matches with whats on the box and whats on the bottle. To my surprise it didn't. I was thrown off a bit, maybe it's fake? Sprayed it: smelled like Le Male.

Why don't the codes match though? I thought that was the holy grail of telling if something is fake or not?

Here's pics.

Code on the top/shelf looks says UEF11X

Code on the bottom of the bottle says UEA11X, doesn't match with the other one.

Another thing, not sure if that's the case with all the Le Males,but it looks like there isn't that much juice in there despite me opening up a seemingly new bottle and only spraying it once. Is the juice level supposed to be that low, it's well below the GAULTIER encryption on the back you can see.

Is that where usually a "new" bottle has the juice level to?

What are your thoughts on this guys? Pretty sure it's the legit thing, just thrown off a bit here by this.