Azure Lime/Summer Frag

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    6/16/13 at 9:35am

    Scentfanatic1631 said:

    I've been away a while, hope everyone is doing well.

    I picked up a bottle of Azure Lime yesterday to wear as a summer frag. I've tested it before and, despite the lack of love for it here, always thought it is a unique lime fragrence (mostly due to the citrus top note and musky base). That said, I sprayed it at the store yesterday and did not find it as appealing as I remebered it. That and it did not last long on my skin.

    I have not opened the bottle, and am thinking about returning it. Two questions: 1) Is anyone using this as a summer frag, and if so what are your thoughts about it; and 2) If i return it any recommendations for a good summer scent (almost pulled the trigger on Creed MI)?

    Thanks and Happy Father's Day to all.

    6/16/13 at 9:36am

    hednic said:

    Perhaps Monsieur Bamain, or Yachting by Pascal Morabito

    6/16/13 at 9:36am

    hednic said:

    Perhaps Monsieur Bamain, or Yachting by Pascal Morabito

    6/16/13 at 9:41am

    Tony T said:

    Mugler Cologne

    6/16/13 at 3:43pm

    andym72 said:

    Nice Lime based summer scent? Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee. Clumsy name, great juice.

    6/17/13 at 1:52am

    hedonist222 said:

    I use it but as a cologne.
    On the day I use it, I keep the bottle with me. Mostly at the beach or the pool.

    6/17/13 at 4:27am

    LiteEmUpGood said:

    I never liked Azure Lime because to me it is very underwhelming at that price point. It's projection, longevity and sillage are all lacking when compared to other scents in the same line. The same goes for it's uniqueness as well.

    If its still in the box and you didn't like it, listen to the voice inside of you and bring it back if you can and get something that you will enjoy wearing today. You may very well revisit this scent in the future and absolutely love it. If that's the case get it then.

    6/17/13 at 4:36am

    mccann690 said:

    Mugler Cologne

    6/17/13 at 4:40am

    NineInchNell said:

    Tommy Bahama's St. Bart's is nice on guys

    So is Bond 9 Hamptons

    6/21/13 at 1:40pm

    Scentfanatic1631 said:

    Thanks for all the input. I ended op returning the Azure Lime and bought a bottle of MI and ADP Colonia Asoluta. Already have Set Sail St. Barts; good stuff.

    6/21/13 at 2:42pm

    HAllen said:

    Glad you returned it. For the price it just isn't worth it. Not great longevity and the lime isn't a summer lime for me. It's a dirty, spicy lime which could get very cloying in heat.

    6/22/13 at 10:48am

    Casablancas said:

    Azure Lime doesn't get much love, understandably.  i own it, and break it out occasionally.


    its biggest attribute is its strength.  i put it on one time and went swimming in a pool about 3 hours later.  pretty soon, almost everyone around the pool was inundated with the smell.  people thought a plane had crop-dusted cologne over the pool.  it was strange.  it had settled down on the skin before i got wet, but after, it absolutely exploded.  

    7/16/13 at 6:00pm

    noirdrakkar said:

    azure lime is good but neroli portofino is better

    7/16/13 at 6:06pm

    Scentfanatic1631 said:

    That is a good one. I have a bottle of it.

    7/16/13 at 6:15pm

    MrFragranceReview said:

    I didn't care for Azure Lime enough to purchase it. If it was cheaper, I probably would.
    I suggest sampling for a while to decide if you want it so you don't repeat that.
    Here's a few I recommend.

    Neroli Portofino: nice slightly indolic and soapy neroli with a nice citrus and amber.
    Rive d'Ambre: A very nice citrus/bergamot with a light warm amber, cinnamon and subtle spices.
    Millesime Imperial: Lemon, iris and musk that's reminiscent of watermelon. Subtle salty vibe along with ambergris.
    Virgin Island Water: Lime, coconut, sugar cane, rum. One of the best lime based fragrances.
    L'humaniste: Lime, gin, pepper and juniper berries. Awesome stuff.
    Xerjoff Nio: bergamot, amber, vetiver, green notes. Very bright and long lasting.