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The Balmain website has Vent Vert in a completely new bottle and package -- new to me, anyway.

I love pretty much all things Balmain, but have always found their bottles kind of, well, cheesy. Except for the chunky cubes of the extraits, the men's items and Jolie Madame. These new cube and square shapes seem like a big improvement. (The new Vent Vert bottle is identical to what they previously used for Ambre Gris.)

Sadly, however I don't see Jolie Madame represented in the lineup. Might be time to stock up on that leathery grande dame.

I've read much in this forum about all the various (re)formulations and bottles, in my efforts to educate myself in sussing out some vintage bottles. Does anyone know if this new bottle represents yet another edition of the juice? Anyone tried it yet?