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I'm looking for the opinion of some of the Wild Water specialists here. 


I recently bought a bottle of vintage Eau Sauvage on ebay and I think it might be a little off but I wanted to describe it as best I can and get your opinion - it may well also just be the difference in formulation. 


Not sure of the year but it's in the classic bottle with the vertical ribs, fluted silver cap and a white plastic sprayer which behaves rather oddly - giving a very long spray which lasts well after you've finished pushing the sprayer down (it may just be a little blocked). 


It smells off to me when it's initially sprayed. A slightly bitter, tannic note. In a wrist-to-wrist comparison with the present-day version, there's also much less jasmine and the lemon is less pronounced in the early phase, but the warm and slightly bitter oak moss drydown is wonderful - and the reason why I bought it in the first place. The bitterness goes after a couple of minutes. 


So does this sound off to you or could it just be the formulation? 


Either way, I got it for a reasonable price and have no complaints - it's a risk you take with used vintage bottles and, as I say, the drydown is superb.