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This post is an update and about Sephora.  UPDATE, So after reading the post on here I decided NOT to push the button on the CK One 6.7 oz from Ebay.  One poster made a good comment about that being a lot of juice to blind buy. Anyways, my mom give me this old Sephora cologne smaple gift set that she gave my Dad, and in it  was a Redeemable certificate for a FREE Full size Fragance of your choice after sampling all the Frag.  The set was only $50 too!  I was totally excited about the ideal of getting a free Frag from Sephora!  I've never been to this shop but my wife frequents it a lot.  Below is a picture of a sample set they offer, but not the excatly one I had. So after sampling Paco Rabanne's One MillionD&G Light Blue, Gucci Guilty, and Lacoste Essential I decided on Gucci G (there were about 10 sample Frags in the Box).  I really liked the Top Notes on GG so I got it for FREE!  However, to my dismay after reading some review on GG a lot of people dont share my same opinion.  I wore it today to work and while the longevity and projection is not that great I still think it smells pretty good.




Oh, lastly Sephora had the CK One fragrance so I decided to give it a sniff, AND I must say I'm glad I didn't get it off Ebay.  Smells to soft and like a women's frag.  I know its Unisex but not my type of scent.