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I am looking for an early 1970's bottle of Shalimar.  I've done some research and have read the following links.


I now know that the "vintage" Shalimar that I have dates from 1981 to 1986.  I can tell the difference between the Saint Gobain des Jonqueres bottle and the Pochet et du Corval,  Also I could probably spot a Baccarat.


I thought that all the early gold labels just said Shalimar.  But then I found this one on e-bay that claims to be 1967. 

(The item number is 330939741131 on case the link doesn't work.)


Notice the label says "Parfum Shalimar Guerlain Paris 68% vol"  I thought all the older labels just said "Shalimar"  (except of course for the famous "90").


The black and white packaging I believe is correct for the era but I think that packaging was used from the 1960's until well into the early 1980's.  Not sure so some help here would also be appreciated..


Another question I have is about the Marly horse.  It seemed to come and go.  Does anyone know when it was used and when it wasn't used? 


Any help would be much appreciated.  I am amazed at how much information that is not out there based on the  popularity of this fragrance.  I've worn this for a long time and now wished I had saved everything.


Any help anyone could give me would be much appreciated.