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Hey everyone. I was just reading an article about the rnb artist Drake naming a few songs from his upcoming album one of them in paticular being "Tuscan Leather" in which... YeS he did mention is about the Tom ford fragrance... and of which he described smelled like "a brick of cocaine"???

More to the point my initial thought was NOOOOO! MY FAVOURITE FRAGRANCE WILL BE EVERYONE'S !!!

and what I mean by that is just through the title and the magnitude of his influence a smell once enjoyed by the fragrance enthusiasts and smaller community will indefinitely face the risk of becoming an acqua di gio or issey miyake of the world consumed by the masses!

And I know some of you may think this sounds a bit extreme, but lets face it we all want to smell unique.... and as unique as a fragrance as Tuscan leather is, it might not be for too long after that kind of exposure.

Let me know what you think guys