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I am a man, and I'm wondering if you girls do appreciate a good fragrance on a man. Does a nice fragrance make a man more attractive? Or is it just a "bonus" when a man smells nice? Did you ever step up to a guy and started a conversation because you smelled him... and he smelled gooooood? (be honest ladies...)

I know there are girls that very muchlike a particular scent, for example Boss Bottled or Acqua di Gio. What would you like better on a guy you meet for the first time. If he wears your favourite fragrance, or if you smell a very nice, but unknown, fragrance on him?

And what kind of fragrance "does it" for you? What kind of fragrance will melt your heart immediately? :-)

(By the way, does any of you girls know the fragrance CH Men by Carolina Herrera... and if so, do you like it? I'm thinking of buying it, but I can't sample it anywhere so it would be a blind buy.)

- CH MEN by Carolina Herrera -