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I see the word"balmy"used a lot when people describe fragrances.

I was beginning to think it meant something along the lines ofthick, dense, and heavy,but I've also seen it used to meansoft and enveloping,which isn't necessarily the same thing. Ambre Russe and Eau Sauvage Parfum are thick and heavy, imo, but they're not soft. Givenchy Play Intense is soft and enveloping to some extent, but it's not necessarily heavy. Both have been described as "balmy"...whatever that means.

And then more recently I saw the term "balmy" used to connote camphor. I think drseid said something like, "It's a very balmy fragrance. Think Tiger Balm," or something to that effect, which is a very different interpretation than the other two, a much more literal interpretation. But unless I'm mistaken, there's no camphor whatsoever in Eau Sauvage Parfum, Ambre Russe, or Givenchy Play Intense, so this would suggest a completely different meaning than the "balmy" that's used to describethem.

I suppose a fragrance could be both definitions of balmy...but that's not the point.

So what's going on here?

Any experts care to chime in? I'd like to try to pin down a correct definition of the term.

Btw, drseid, if I misquoted you or completely mistook you for someone else, my apologies, I'm going off memory.

I originally posted this in "Fragrance Industry...." but it's dead over there, so....