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I found an old bottle of Live Jazz, year 1998 (batch 8471)

It's a different scent from the one batched 2007 I had bought previously. (batch 7KBB), although bottles are identical.

The 1998 version is more about coriander, various spices, and cedar;

The 2007 one, is essentially a blast of mint.


Both bottles are spray ones, and came from YSL-era, not l'Oreal.

the 1998 bottle reported on the stickers on the bottom: "distributed by Sanofi Beaute" (ok, it was before 2000), 

the 2007 one sports on the box: "YSL Parfums".


The difference is so evident, I think a reformulation happened.

I don't want to repeat every time the "Good ol' times" mantra, but the old version is surely more complex and pleasant.