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Hello Friends,

I have a few montales available with a local seller, the thing is i've never

tried a montale but am extremely keen to try one.

The following one's are available, all at a price of 75 $ for the 100ml bottle,

Isn't that price a steal ?

Note : Some are available in the white box tester.

1. Wood and Spices

2. Aoud Lime

3. Aoud Leather

4. Aoud Musk

5. Amber & Spices

6. Aoud Queen Roses

7. Red Aoud

8. Mukhallat

The thing is searches for montale threads led to various results :

Some threads discussing early in 2005 saying that their aoud

line uses pure oud, no synthetics ( Which I find a little hard to


Some threads bashing the house for churning out fragrances

like a machine, saying Mr Pierre Montale is only a figurehead

and the real guy behind these fragrances is from Palestine.

Some threads saying the bottles are either overfilled or underfilled

due to light aluminum bottles.

Some threads claiming certain fake montales going on ebay for

inexpensive amounts.

Do fake or watered down montales exist ?

Has anyone had a personal experience with them ?

And the most recent threads claiming something about a name change

to "Taneli" and the house watering down their fragrances and the quality

being terrible as of current times.

This has caused great confusion as no one is verified and may or may

not be speculating.

The main reason why i want to buy this fragrances is due to the

fact that i want to experience the crazy projection and longevity.

The second reason being, I'm curious to try out their signature

oud note.

Sampling is out of the question as im from that part of the world

where only a minority are aware about the more expensive fragrances.

I want a powerhouses that announces of my arrival even before I

reach the person.

I don't mind cloying, projection beast, as those traits are what I love

ina fragrance.

Please do make a suggestion on what to pick from the above,

Ive heard good things about Aoud Musk, but i'll leave it up to

those who have more experience with this house to decied for me.

Thank you for your time.

Awaiting those suggestion guys,

Bring 'em on.