SOTD Thursday 20th June 2013

    Notice about Huddler changeover here375403

    6/20/13 at 3:20am

    Foustie said:

    Are we not up and running yet?


    Well, good morning. Thank You so much for all of your nice comments yesterday, and your stories about other feline friends. You are all very kind.


    Well, day off today so a no nonsense terrific Spanish Cologne this a.m to get the chores done, Alverez Gomez Cologna Concentrada. Cheap, and very very cheerful.

    6/20/13 at 3:27am

    Furriner said:

    L'Artisan Al Oudh.

    6/20/13 at 3:27am

    Furriner said:

    L'Artisan Al Oudh.

    6/20/13 at 3:29am

    gandhajala said:

    Morning Foustie (kiss.gif), morning all,


    V. excited to be meeting Francis Kurkdjian tonight at our Perfume Lovers meetup. Was toying with the idea of wearing one of his creations, but instead went with L'Heure Vertueuse.


    Have a lovely Thursday, gang !

    6/20/13 at 3:35am

    hednic said:

    Antigua by Phaedon

    6/20/13 at 3:44am

    donna255 said:

    Hello all.   L'Occitane Vanille&Narcisse.

    6/20/13 at 3:55am

    teardrop said:

    Morning all!




    l have a day off today too. l'm waiting for the gas man, then l've got an old friend l haven't seen for ages popping round later.


    Wearing Geranium pour Monsieur, & the minty note is cutting nicely through the humidity.


    Have a good day, everyone.

    6/20/13 at 4:02am

    JON RODGERS said:

    Good morning all !. SotD is Lorenzo Villoresi Yerbamate.











    Teardrop, don't be surprised if your friend arrives before the gas man - they aren't exactly renowned for their punctuality grin.gif

    6/20/13 at 4:14am

    kbe said:

    B*Men this morning

    6/20/13 at 4:17am

    easyfish said:




    6/20/13 at 4:20am

    tdem1961 said:

    ((((Foustie)))) kiss.gif

    Gandhajala, how thrilling! Enjoy and do let us know all about it.

    Scent twins with Easyfish today in Serge Lutens Gris Clair.

    Best to all.

    6/20/13 at 4:33am

    ROBERTO said:


    6/20/13 at 4:45am

    BoChosen said:

    Trefle Pur; Atelier Cologne



    6/20/13 at 4:53am

    ComDiva said:

    Gandhajala, enjoy your meet up with Mr. Kurkdjian! I love APOM Pour Homme (guess I like amber better than ylang-ylang most days, go figure), but you are in for a treat wherever you turn your nose, I think.


    Sort of sharing a tea vibe with Jon Rodgers today in Parfumerie Generale L'Eau Rare Matale layered with Hyperessence Matale in an effort to boost both sillage and longevity. Unfortunately feeling a summer cold coming on, so may not be able to smell much of anything shortly. Hmph. angry.gif


    L'eau Rare Matale notes: Sage, white fowers, bergamot, black Matale tea, Virginia cedar, Chinese cedar, vetiver, birch, burnt woods, pepper and musk.

    Hyperessence Matale notes: Black tea, citrus, cedar leaves, musk, pepper, jasmine


    Wishing a wonderful day to everyone!

    6/20/13 at 5:05am

    Evangeline said:

    Good morning everyone - 


    I'm in Beige for the wee ballerinas - I hope they like it. redface.gif 


    Y'all have a great day!







    Ooh, he's a good one, gandhajala - I'm sure you'll have a brilliant time!