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I'm not posting this in the giveaways thread because there is a small catch, but it won't cost you a dime, so read on.

I'm giving away small samples from two different batches of Aventus. All I ask in return is that you wear both samples at the same time - one on your left arm and one on your right. See what you think and then post your thoughts here.

"That's it?"

PLEASE DON'T CLAIM THIS GIVEAWAY IF YOU'VE ALREADY SMELLED AVENTUS. I really want to treat someone who hasn't had the chance to smell it yet. I love when people treat me to samples of stuff I haven't smelled, so I want to do that for others too.

These samples are small, so you'll only get 1 or maybe 2 wears. Do the left arm/right arm challenge first. Spray 'em. Review 'em. Let us know what you think. Don't worry about getting it right or anything like that. There are no wrong answers. Just be honest about what you smell. If they smell totally different, that's fine. Talk about it. If they smell the same, that's fine. Talk about it. I'm not looking for an experienced nose, just an honest opinion. All I want you to do is share your thoughts on what you smell. Post a review here.


So that I'll know you read this and agree to review Aventus here, left arm/right arm style: the first two people to post the phrase Brown M&M's below get these freebies! Why Brown M&M's? ...because it works. LOL.

Continental US only. Sorry 'bout that.
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