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I've posted a few times before about my annoyance at oakmoss being removed from colognes, and once again I've come across a cologne that has been castrated by this procedure. I was shopping around for a nice spicy oriental and ended up purchasing Burberry London for men at a perfume wholesaler after posting an opinion about the cologne on a thread here on Basenotes. I bought the older formula that still has evernia prunastri (oakmoss) in its ingredients. I wore it yesterday and today and got compliments on it. The original is so creamy and spicy, it's good stuff. Today, for the second day, I went to Sephora and sampled the current formulation and did not like it. It's a little more "in your face" and sticky, and lacks something; it smells flat. It reminds me of those cheap knockoffs of famous brands that you find on any street corner in L.A. I know that all the companies are saying that synthetic oakmoss is the same, and that nothing has changed but I'm not buying it. To quote a character on the movie "As Good as it gets." Go sell crazy somewhere else, were all stocked up here. I guess my future cologne sales are going to be a hunt for the real thing, not these phony witches brews that are a shadow of their former selves.