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Going to be traveling in a couple of days, meaning I'm going to be hitting up the duty free shops. I was wondering what some good designer recommendations for me might be? I've got a couple of designer scents I've been meaning to get that I'll finally jump on but I'd like some other ideas.

I'm definitely going to nab:

Versace Pour Homme

Prada Infusion d'Homme

Some other designer scents I'm on the lookout for that I don't own yet:

Chanel Antaeus

Chanel Egoiste

Chanel Allure Homme edition Blanche

Dior Homme Sport/Cologne

any Acqua Di Parma

Guerlain Homme

Habit Rouge EdT

1 Million Absolutely Gold(i hear they only sell this at duty free so I'm ESPECIALLY intrigued)

Other mid-high end designer offerings that you think I'll get a decent deal on at duty-free would be appreciated.