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They used to be commonplace, now they are no more.

But wait, what did the smell like?

This thread is dedicated to the great and departed, though they might still be available online, they command an unnecessarily hefty price tag.

Know of one with analogs within reasonable reach? Talk about it.

I'll start...

Gucci Nobile smells like...

Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels (but sweeter/greener and less smoky)

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (but far more refined and not as smoky)

Duc de Vervins by Houbigant (but a bit lighter and lessrough and in your face)

Connect by Jivago (but less sharp, more green and more quality)

Lomani pour Homme by Lomani (but more green and more quality)

Nobile Royal by Alexander da Costa (but stronger and less sweet)

My pick of this bunch is Duc De Vervins

Rochas Macassar smells like...

Ego 2 by Pacoma (but stronger, drier and less sweet)

Fendi Uomo by Fendi (but way more put together and deeper/darker)

Bijan for men [vintage] by Bijan (but much more refined and darker)

Salvador Dali pour homme by Salvador Dali (but not as sweet and much drier)

My pick of this bunch is the Dali, a bad ass fragrance in its own right. Ego 2 is a runner up, but I like them all.

Escada Casual Friday smelle like...

Mat Very Male by Masaki (but not as dark and deep)

212 SEXY by Herrera (but not as sensual and night-like)

Eau Masculine by Lepicka (but not as synthetic and one dimensional)

Corduroy by ZIHR (but less synthetic and softer)

My pick of this bunch Mat Very Male, awesome fragrance.