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Honestly, I'm probably over thinking this, but I can't seem to decide on a good cologne. I read up reviews on here from all the ones I see in my store, but none seem to be without criticism.

I really want to find a quality, decent lasting cologne for daytime and maybe even night, but mostly for the daytime or most the day.

I have no clue how to match scents to my skin type, diet, or any other number of crazy things I've read talking about how to decide on a cologne. I don't know what smells good on me.

Here's some of the fragrances I have at the store I work at:

Aqua Di Gio

Bvlgari black

Bvlgari aqva

Boss by Hugo boss

Gucci guilty

Dolce and galbana the one.

Calvin Klein eternity

Lacoste (not sure which one. It's a green and white box.

Ralph Lauren polo blue

Ralph Lauren polo black

Ralph Lauren polo green

Burberry brit

Burberry men (magenta box)

Burberry weekend

Burberry touch

Dolce and galbana light blue

Dolce and galbana pour homme

Cool water


Curve (have this one already)

Kenneth Cole black (have this one already)

The one by Calvin Klein

Kenneth Cole vintage black

Curve crush

Mont Blanc encounter

Le male

And those are all the ones I can think off at the moment.

I'd like to buy from my work to get my discount. From that list what do you guys think? Is it true it depends on skin type and diet and whatever?