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Ok, so I love Dior Homme. Blah Blah Blah... a lot of us do. After hearing some opinions about Dior Homme Intense and not needing to purchase a bottle if you already have Homme, I decided to get a decant of Silver Collar DHI and a decant of current formulation DHI.

Here are my opinions:

I honestly think DH and DHI are different enough to justify a bottle of each (if you are willing to spend the money).

DH seems more refined to me and more versatile while DHI seems a bit more for special occasions or date night/club night type setting.

DHI is definitely sweeter but that's not a complaint for me.

Now... DHI silver collar vs. DHI current:

Get ready to blast me... I honestly got better performance out of the current formulation of DHI. It is NOT weak and I could never justify hunting down a "vintage formulation" of DHI knowing that the current formulation is as good as it is. I work in a barbershop and I sprayed once to the undershirt and once to the hand and rubbed it on both sides of my neck at 7:30 am and got home around 6:15 pm and could still smell it, even though it had become a skin scent at that point.

I'm going to try again with the Silver Collar DHI, but I definitely didn't get that good of a performance the first time.

Anybody else have similar findings?