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Guys... the fragrance has to be available in (the webshop of) this store, otherwise I can't sample it.: click

In the middle section on the top left there is a drop down menu saying "Merk" which stands for "Brand". By using the drop down menu you can see the available brands and its available products. Can you please only do suggestions based on the available products?

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Hi guys,

As some of you might know I'm new to the forum and I'm searching for a new fragrance (to take with me on holiday). So far my search has led me to CH Men, which I will probably buy.

However, I was looking at some other topics on this forum, and I saw some incrediblephoto collections of other members' fragrances. And wow... I was truly amazed by Hednic's collection!!! But if so many of you own so many fragrances, you must reallyknow what you're talking about!!

Like I said, I'm looking for a new fragrance. After trying some samples, I finally found Trussardi My land. The first fragrance I truly like, except the fact that is has verypoor projection and poor longevity. But with the great help of the members on this forum I learned that CH Men is the better choiceto replaceTrussardi My Land.

But now I'm thinking... I liked Trussardi My Land... but compared to you guys I haven't smelled that much fragrances yet! So, yes I liked My Land, but who knows whatother nice fragrancesare out there?? Based on my liking of Trussardi My Land, maybe there are totally different fragrances (than Trussardi My Land) which I will also like! Or maybe even like better!

Well allright then. I'm asking myself what doI really like about My Land? I think it's the hidden warm vanilla smile (I do have to do my very best to smell it, projection is poor) in combination with the leather. So this makes me wonder if there are other fragrances that appeal to this same "theme" of vanilla and leather! Fragrances that do not smell like My Land, but do have this warm vanilla and leather combination, maybe combined with something else (another note)?

I don't like fragrances that are too (synthetic) sweet orsmell like candy.

So the question is, are there other fragrances out there I might like which do have this warm vanilla smell combined with leather. A fragrance that is very alluring and which is also nice to smell on yourself? Maybe alsoa bit like a warm apple pie.I do like the more complex / classy fragrances, and of course longevity and projection has to be good. Also it would be nice if I could wear the fragrance during the day as well as during a night out.

So think of this:

- warm vanilla

- leathery (in the background)

- maybe some other note???

-classy during the day,alluring during the night

- great projection and longevity

When a girl smells it, she must think WOW, this is one nice, warm and alluring SEXYfragrance. Is there such an ultimate fragrance??? Does it exist?

Unfortunately I noticed a lot of fragrances are not available in the stores where I live, so probably I won't be able to sample all of your suggestions. But who knows, maybe some of your suggestions are available so I can try them!

By the way... sorry, I use a lot of words to describe what I'm looking for. I'm not as experienced as you guys are, that's whyI'm doing my best to try to explain as good as I can.

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