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I am a guy and have never really been interested in fragrances. Well until now, because I need a new fragrance. laugh.gifActually it amazes me there's a whole community around fragrances. Well, it wouldn't amaze me if all of the members were females. However, it does amaze me there are a lot of guys out here. And some of them do own a lot of fragrances as I have seen in some pictures. So now I wonder. Where do guys get their fascination for fragrances? I'm a guy and I do like computers, carsand technical gadgets as most of my friends do. No one I know is into fragrances like you guys are. So this makes me wonder what triggered your fascination for fragrances? I would think fragrances are on the same level as fashion. In general most girls are in to fashion and most guys aren't. So what made you interested in learning about fragrances and collecting them? What is it that fascinates you about fragrances?