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I know there's a "Today I Bought" forum (hell I started the thread this month) but I've noticed that there hasen't been a similar thread for things people have tried/sampled, and frankly I think that has the potential to be a lot more interesting.

The big shocker for me today was something the saleswoman at Chanel recommended to me, and it wasn't any single fragrance. I mentioned to her that my favorite from Chanel was Edition Blanche, and she immediately said "you HAVE to try it layered with this" and grabbed Eau de Cologne. To my surprise (I've never been one for layering) it's actually an outstanding combo. The addition of the light, almost sprite like smell from the Eau actually brings out the creamy base of Edition Blanche, and the two play off each other beautifully. For this reason alone I might have to go back and get the Eau (though by itself it wasn't that impressive)

The other interesting thing wasn't so much exactly what I tried as what I realized about myself, and that's that I do, in fact, love skanky animalic masculine scents. I knew I loved Leather Oud (I thought this an anomaly) and Kiehl's original Musk (a clean animalic if I've ever seen one) but yesterday I tried Chanel Antaeus and was surprised by how much I loved it. I would have chalked this up to another one-off but today I finally go around to sampling Musc Koublai Kahn, a scent that's often described as smelling like "dirty camel balls." I was blown away. I didn't drop the cash on the spot because it's far cheaper online and I had other things on my list, but wow. Simply outstanding. Sweet powdery civet. I need to come back to King Kouros, I've always been to afraid to give it a real wearing.

Sorry for the rant, I'd imagine others' posts here (if there are many) will be shorter, but I love hearing in depth analyses so feel free to post as long as you want.