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This is becoming increasingly sad for me. Last night, I decided to go with Dzing as my SOTE. I hadn't worn it in maybe close to a year, and lo and behold the sprayer has developed a leak and sprays very poorly. This is about the 7th or 8th time this has happened to me with a manufacturer bottle, though not quite as bad since it still for the time being at least allows for a half spray. I've had this happen twice with Guerlain Vetiver (both were 90s versions), twice with Bvlgari Black (this is the well documented cap issue), once with an early bottle of Tauer Lonestar Memories), once with Jack Black Silver Mark and once with Romance Silver. All cases except this newest, the bottle just completely stopped spraying. I know I can't be the only unlucky one out there this has happened to. The last time with Bvlgari Black, I contacted them and after 4 months of back and forth e-mails, they did send me a new bottle. With the Lonestar Memories, I contacted Tauer, and he personally replied and we worked it out, and I have to hand it to him. A huge thumbs up for his kindness and courtesy. Would it be even worth it to contact L'Artisan about the Dzing?