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Blood Concept was created in 2010 by Antonio Zuddas, and Giovanni Castelli. They surprised us all with their perfume concept based on different blood types. Now they are ready to show us their dark side and they will introduce during the Traoni Fashion their "black Series" which are created to bring darkness under a spotlight, new roles of seduction, increase sexual healing and need of power.

Still no flowernotes on these perfumes and this time the metallic nuances from their previous fragrances habe been replaced by darker and deeper notes, so they will exude a mysterious and charming nature even if made with the most daring and experimental combinations.


Black O, the animal identity.

Kinbaku, the japanese art of bondage inspired this scent, which wraps and involves with breathless dramatic notes Like a string of skillfully tightened knots on the skin. Like the cruel suffocating embrace of a inexorable and beloved executioner. It countain notes of yuzu, blood orange, hemp, carrot seeds, dark Woods, amber and leather accords.


Black A. The green identity.

An adorable and aphrodisiac poison. Mandragore roots and angelica seeds compose an anything but harmless scent, which seizes and narcotizes. And reveals the fatal hidden side of nature, so dangerous and frightening, but also captivating and fascinating. Notes of ginger, black Coffee, mandragore, angelica seeds, sandalwood, benzoin and amber.


Black B. The nomadic identity. The dark side of culture, the bitter fruit of discoveries’ thirst. Occult rituals and mystical beliefs. A long journey into ourselves andour souls. Black B is a shamanic potion, coming from far away. A black juice of unknown formula full of mysterious suggestions. Notes of gun powder, earl grey tea, roiboos tea, Inoki accord, ambroxan, Gaiac wood, and leather.


Black AB. The mineral identity. A scent for the contemporary des Esseintes. Sidereal citrusy and mineral spicy notes leave place for a inedited aldehyde and synthetic drugs combination. A kaleidoscopic rise between chemical distractions and artificial paradises. Backward to future, “on dirait”. It countains aldehydes, bergamot, green pepper, metyl-pamplemousse, mineral notes, piperonale accord, white Woods and musk.


Again, Blood Concept brings something new and exciting to the perfume industry. I particularly can´t wait to try "Black AB" and "Black B" as they fit into my personal taste. We can only wait and be prepared to be again, greatly suprised.