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Hey guys--I am a big niche perfume lover but I am abroad and most of my luxurious-smelling perfumes are not with me right now. So I was thinking of purchasing a new perfume for clubbing. ;-)

All suggestions (niche and mainstream) welcome.

PS. Most recent purchase (the OPPOSITE of niche) is Coco Mlle. Do you guys think wearing this scent clubbing is inappropriate? LOL I personally think it's a super versatile scent, which is why I bought it, but I have to spray so much to actually smell it (I've heard it's supposed to be strong/ last a long time but for me I have to spray 3-4 or so sprays every 4-6 hours). I am currently in a very HUMID environment so not sure if this makes a difference or not.

PPS. Going to a store specializing in niche perfumes tomorrow. Excited =)