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I've always been intrigued my older Versace scents. With the mens, I feel the older releases had some style and uniqueness to them that made them worth checking out. Not all of them are good, but worth a try for sure.

I do dab into womens fragrances here and there. Seeing the reviews for Versace White Jeans makes this sound really nice. Vanilla and incense in the dry down ? One reviewer made the comparision to sauna wood ( which sounds good). Of course, there are always the top and mid notes to get through ( I am not that into tuberose, really).

The other one in the womens Jeans line I havesampled was Versace Baby Rose Jeans, which had an okay semi-powdery dry down, but really did not do anything for me. Subtle like a whisper too, although the top notes felt like someone was screaminginmy face if that makes sense.

Any thoughts and experiences with Versace White Jeans ?

Thanks in advance !