Need a cologne that will leave me speechless.

    Need a cologne that will leave me speechless.

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    I've had several colognes but I'm looking for something that will just blow my senses away and make me wonder "wow that smells nice, what cologne is that?". Just something that will make people wonder what I'm using because it smells good.

    I'm not looking for:

    - Old men's cologne (Lucky You Brand)

    - Too citrusy, too high on the notes (Versace Pour Homme, Curve series, or the Nautica series)

    - Too much cologne projection in 1 spray that just covers the whole neck.. looking for a simple 1 spray cologne that i can spray on one side of my neck

    - Not TOO manly... something a college student would use

    So maybe something in between these? I've tried a friends Givenchy Pi that one has a neutral but okay smell to it. Not too strong, not too old. I've also had David Beckham's Instinct before and it also smelled mid tone, but didn't have a good longetivity. Cool Waters is another okay one, but it leans a bit on the higher citrus or aquatic side. Maybe something thats aromatic, grassy, or woody musk.

    I'm going to the mall soon and am going to sample Thierre Mugler's Pure Malt and Angel, but was wondering if you guys can recommend something else (can be either overrated or underrated). I'm a 27 year old male if that matters.

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    Pure Malt and A*Men are certainly worthy, very big, deep, gourmand. Another suggestion would be Bulgari Black: the rubber note definitely generates a surprise effect.


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    After Midnight by The Different Company
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    Welcome to Basenotes.

    Andy Tauer's L'air du Desert Marocain
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    Spice Bomb. But it's not outlandish. Just well blended.
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    Hi and welcome to Basenotes!

    I'm going to suggest two colognes that I have. They are both aromatic/woody and quite oriental smelling, but nothing too "loud" as you say.

    First one is Chanel's Egoiste that's now more widely available. Don't over spray and you will turn a few heads. Basically it's a rose/rosewood and sandalwood blend with a bit of vanilla. Masterfully crafted.

    The other one is a bit more Middle Eastern and actually quite niche. It is very alluring though and has gotten a few positive reactions out of the blue: Amouage's Epic Man. This one is based on incense and myrrh. It's quite a fresh smell and not too smoky, which is why I think you will like it.

    Good luck and let us know which you end up going for!

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    Much depends on your price point, butI'd have to say -

    1) Duetto; Sospiro / Xerjoff ($300+ US; 100ml)

    2) Ambre Sultan; Serge Lutens (can be found between $75 - $120 US; 50ml)

    3) Dior Homme / Dior Homme Intense; Dior (can be found $80 - $100 US for newer formulations; 100ml)

    Just a few suggestions that will surely garner compliments and exude elegance, sophistication, and confidence.

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    I would recommend Dior Home Intense

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    Chanel Sycamore or Coromandel
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    Originally Posted by XscentView Post

    Chanel Sycamore or Coromandel

    Oh good one. Coromandel was the firstbesidesDHI that really left me speechless!

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    Invasion Barbare - it's a smooth operator...
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    Dior Homme Intense

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    The last fragrance to leave me speechless was Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. It is absolutely beautiful, give it a shot if you can find it. I bet you'll like Pure Malt as well.
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    Thanks guys, I will look into those recommendations. As for spending limit, max is $130.

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    Chanel Sycomore.
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    Can't argue with Chanel Sycomore or Coromandel. Definitely try Dior Homme, too, and probably just the regular EdT, as it's a bit more interesting than the Intense. You may also like Dior Fahrenheit or Amouage Jubilation XXV. These are all pretty special, but easy-to-like, fragrances.

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    Pf you can find it,Knize 10, very special

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    Current Dior Fahrenheit is good but if you can find a vintage bottle it's magic.
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