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The setup

So yesterday I had some time to kill while waiting for my car to get service so I walked to mall across the street from the dealership because what better way to kill time than to go sniffing.

After reading some thread on here a week or two ago about what scent reminds you of your younger days I felt compelled to go smell them out. To those of you that want to do the same. DON'T! You will most likely be disappointed and leave with tainted and mixed feelings. You'll most likely end up here, like me, confused.

The sting

I went out to go smell Polo Sport. It's one of the fragrances that immediately brings back memories of middle school and high school. I remembered it being a great smelling fragrance that faded away very quick. When I sprayed it on it didn't smell anything like what I remembered. I swear it has a leather note in it now. What does smell like it however is Polo Blue Sport which was "introduced" a year or two ago. I have no access to any vintage bottles of Polo Sport but I would bet money that the original or something very similar to it is now Polo Sport Blue.

Anyone here have any info/opinions on this?