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Being a fan of such bands as My Chemical Romance (who sadly broke up), Fall Out Boy, and Paramore, I was excited to hear that the Plain White T's are going to be playing a free concert at Jefferson Pointe, a shopping mall here in Fort Wayne.

This band is grouped in the "punk" and "emo" genres like MCR/FOB/Paramore, and I'm starting to get acquainted with them. (Not to mention that one of my coworkers loves them as well.)

That said, the concert is held at an outdoor mall in late July, and it will likely be hot and sticky. I'm thinking about wearing something light but lasting from my collection like Mugler Cologne, Tommy T, or Terre d'Hermes. However, I could also sample something from a store in this mall; fragwise, this mall has a Von Maur and an Ulta(though this Von Maur doesn't carry some of their usual lines like Tom Ford and Bond No. 9's I <3 NY line).Any suggestions, either from my collection or those stores?