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Not only is June coming to end, but also the second quarter and the first half of the year 2013, so it's time for triple statistics!

Mine look like this:

9 Rose d'Amour

4 Vétiver (Carven)

3 Cœur d’Été, Rosa Flamenca, Twill Rose, Un Zest de Rose, Victorian Posy, Yerbamate

2 Reines Kölnisch Wasser, Veilchen, Verité

The weather was unusually hot for June here in Finland and I was in the mood for vetiver and roses. I also tried and tested scents I bought at Harry Lehmann, Berlin (Rose d'Amour was my travel scent).

2nd Quarter

12 Eau des Merveilles

9 Rose d’Amour

6 Cœur d’été

5 L’Air de Rien, Vettiveru (CdG)

4 Bois d’Iris, Encens et Bubblegum, Hiris, Iris Silver Mist, Vétiver (Carven)

In April I was in the mood for iris, and Eau des Merveilles was worn for luck!

1st Half

12 Eau des Merveilles

10 Cœur d’été

9 Jour de Fête, Rose d’Amour

6 Amaranthine

5 DZING!, L'Air de Rien, Nostalgia, Vettiveru (CdG)

4 Black Cashmere, Bois d'Iris, Eau de Charlotte, Encens et Bubblegum, Folavril, Hiris, Iris Silver Mist, Onda, Ormonde, Tolu, Vétiver (Carven)