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I've been shopping around for Gucci Pour Homme II today, and I've noticed it's actually cheaper from major retailers -- Macy's, Sephora...even direct from Gucci -- than it is from the discounters -- Fragrancenet, FragranceX, etc.

From Gucci's own site and from the major retailers it's pretty much $76 USD across the board, but the discounters I've checked have all been higher. Fragrancenet for example is selling it for $79.79 (discounted from $80.00...) Not much of a discount there...

I just found that strange. The discounters are all basing their "discount" off a higher base price than the MSRP. After the 15% discount from Fragrancenet it's roughly $67.82 but then it's not eligible for free shipping (must be $70+). I'm thinking about just buying it from Sephora instead ($76 USD, free shipping, and more likely to be "fresher" juice than a discounter).

I'm relatively new to the fragrance community so this is probably more common than I know about, but as a standard "consumer" I was surprised by this and I wondered what the reason is.