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I've heard some of you guys talk about crazy longevity, but even long-lived perfumes seem to get absorbed quickly on me.  Well, last night at 10pm I sprayed some CDG 2 Man on my arm, It's now almost 4pm the next day -- 16 hours later.  And I did a quick workout -- 100 burpees (jumps and pushups, I'm no sissy).  And I still smell it, from about 2 inches away from my arm.  I simply would not have believed this is possible.  The doesn't seem to have been a lot of progression, unlike The One (which was on my other arm), which changed a lot (I dislike The One's progression, I just realized last night, I better test drive La Nuit this way too)


Switching topics, what I don't know is if I like it.  Maybe it's too incense-y for me (is that the right note?).  I keep going back and forth and smelling it, sometimes it smells good and I think I might put it into rotation with La Nuit and The One, my first team, but then I smell it and I'm like, damn I smell like a used car salesman on a hot day.  I dunno.