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And how can it still be the number 1 celebrity fragrance in the world? I find it very interesting. Just like Chanel Number 5, I don't know a single person that likes it/wears it, and even online it gets a lot of hate but there you go, it's the number 1 fragrance in the whole world.


So who buys them? I've tried both and Number 5 is a challenge really, I always have to get past the initial notes which I can only describe as smelling of stale urine and sausages. Once it goes past that, it's very cool and icy, I guess that's what Ernest Beaux meant with the arctic ice note and it becomes pleasant at that point but not always. I recently wore it to go out and I felt like gagging, there was like a pit in my stomach feeling just from number 5.


With White Diamonds I have no issue really, I can understand why some people don't like it because it's rather pungent at the beginning but at the drydown it's a pleasant floral, but I still here mostly 90% negative comments regarding this fragrance, so how does it stay so successful? It can't be solely because of old ladies in Boca Raton buying it. And that's a more interesting case to me because White Diamonds is not as advertised as Number 5 is, and almost sells just as well. From a marketing standpoint I think they are cases worthy of discussion. What do you think?