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 Hey, I saw a few bottles of this recently in Duty Free and actually got to try a tester of it. So for anyone in the states who's been wondering--yes, it does exist.  And it smells really good. I was able to test it next to the EDP and EDT. Seems like they toned down the vanilla and florals and threw in some melon while keeping the spiciness. But it definitely maintains the character of the original.  Overall it was fresh, very smooth, and not too heavy or light; well-suited for warm weather without lacking personality. . The bottle looks great too. 


 Wish I could tell you what the drydown is like but I threw it in my pocket with a bunch of other tester strips (like 12 of them) and couldn't tell what was what several hours later.


 I was in a bit of a rush and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing it when I had the chance!



 But I have a hunch it will get here sooner than later.



 And I bought a bottle of Perry Ellis Red for $15. Holy shit that stuff really does smell like AdG--in fact I think it might have a little more depth--there's a spice where the AdG gets thin. It was a bargain!