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I have recently became very interested in different scents and fragrances. Below I have a list of what I have purchased in the last two years and I would like to know if there is any scents I am missing or should definitely own based on my current buys!



Aventus, SMW, Erolfa, Royal Oud, MI, OG V


Bond no 9:

Chez bond, Riverside, Andy Warhol(face bottle),  New Haarlem, Bleecker St


Tom Ford:

Tuscan leather, Oud wood, Tobacco Vanille,


Serge Lutens:

Chergui, Gris Clair, Ambre Sultan, Five o Clock


Le labo Rose 31, Dior hoome intense, Dueto Golden boy, Pure Havane, Pure Malt, Gucci pour homme 2, YSL La nuit and Homme, Allure sport,