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I know it is very long overdue for the biggest JPG Le Male fan in the world to try this fragrance, but for the first time tonight, I wore my Le Male Terrible sample from Sephora.

I must say, I have absolutely NO idea what people are talking about when people say this is 90% Le Male. In my opinion, this fragrance is not even a flanker of the "original" Le Male, but a completely different fragrance.

As far as the opening, what I get is something that very much reminds me of Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme. I get very little sweetness up top. Just a peppery, orange scent reminiscent of D&G Pour Homme. After a couple hours, then you get a hint of Le Male, but I feel it always holds on to a little bit of the top and never really becomes "one" with Le Male(although its only been on my skin for about 4 horus).

All in all though, the fact that this has a little bit of my love Le Male in the background in the heart and base of this fragrance is enough to make me love this. It is also different enough to be bottle worthy if you already own Le Male.

Your thoughts?